Knitter's Serendipity


Knitter's Serendipity features Serendipity Stitch Markers for knitting and crochet. The fine quality stitch markers, inspired by vintage design, are made with jewelry findings, Swarovski Crystal, Czech Glass and Vintage Beads. Lace Knitting is no longer a challenge when using Serendipity Stitch Markers  to separate your stitch repeats. The markers are so easy to grasp between your fingers as you make those dreaded transfers in your pattern, nor will they fly off your needles into lost stitch marker oblivion! Each bead, finding and charm is carefully chosen so that its shape and material will be snag free. The obvious is though just how pretty Serendipity Stitch Markers  are with your Work In Progress. Everyone will want to see your work! And you will enjoy you knitting even more!

Knitter's Serendipity where unexpected beauty and grace can be found in Accessories, Notions and Jewelry for Knitting and Crochet.

Hi! I am a Elizabeth Payne, designer, creator of Knitter's Serendipity. I was raised in Pennsylvania, USA, and now live in Indiana, southeast of Indianapolis. My background is in fashion history and bridal design. In another life I designed wedding gowns, headpieces, jewelry and veils. I managed a bridal salon and loved being a buyer. Life took an abrupt turn a number of years ago which lead me to having time I had not had in years to explore other areas of jewelry and textile design. I returned to knitting after a 20 year hiatus and have not stopped since. As an avid lace knitter, I was very dissatisfied with the plastic stitch markers that are most commonly available. Many handcrafted markers either looked flimsy, not practical, or I could see from their construction how they would snag on my fine yarn. So I searched through my jewelry vendors, ordered findings, then dug into my bead stash. It wasn't long before my knitting friends were asking about stitch markers. My knitting group was my testers as I tried different beads and findings. I knew they had to be perfect, I had to have the perfect beads to bring beautiful, quality stitch markers, at a reasonable price. I love finding beautiful beads, findings to make stitch markers so pretty, you'd want to wear them! And you can, because there is coordinating jewelry too! 

Welcome to the world of Knitter's Serendipity!